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<3! makes the world go round!

10 September
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I like to play this P4 game called Zoombinis where you create little blue things and make them go on journeys. And that might make me seem really childish since I am already SecTwo and SecTwos dont usually play Neopets or Zoombinis.

But I am not childish. Srzly. well, maybe a little or a lot. Fine, I dont really have anything in my defence so I shall drop that point.

I also like Ouran very muchly. It is infested with incest and other rubbish but still very entertaining. Not like those violent (although violent and violet only have one letter of difference) ones. which have alot of fighting. NONONONO NOT GOOD for childhood.

AND my birthday falls ceromoniously on the 10th of September every year. That is one of the most important thing you needed to know about me.

Yes, good bye and have a nice life. Peace out y'all.
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